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Calm Waters

This novel contains the true and partly autobiographical story of the life of a young woman in search of a safer and better life for herself and her family.

She inadvertently ends up in the ruthless world of human smuggling. Fear and exploitation become an everyday part of her life. Then, in a split second, she has to make an impossible choice. A choice with disastrous consequences for herself and her family. Will her dream of a normal life without danger, fear and poverty ever come true?

The novel Calm Waters provides a shocking insight into the world of human trafficking.

About the author:
Norman has been working for the Dutch government for many years and together with his family he has already had several international removals. They left via northern Europe, after another stop of a few years in the Netherlands, to Central America. Precisely because of his work, he himself has previously landed in countries such as Yugoslavia, Congo, Belize, Haiti, USA, Tortola (BVI), Suriname, Guadeloupe, Puerto Rico, Mali, the Bahamas (Abaco) and of course also in the six beautiful Caribbean countries belonging to the Kingdom.
After seven fantastic years on the beautiful island of Curaçao, and a lot of experience richer, he started to focus on writing non-fiction literature in 2018. He mainly uses his experiences of working under special circumstances and in other countries, but also life with different cultures, as a source for his books.

Order your signed book now. Contact the author via info@astorybynorman.com or look at your local bookstore.

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